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Integrated Data Consulting is a reseller and integrator of Exact Solutions products iReplay and iWatch

1)      iReplay is a testing tool that substantially reduces risks associated with enterprise database upgrades and platform migrations – by making these changes predictable and empirically measurable.  It differs from traditional testing tools such as LoadRunner in that with those tools you write scripts that generate artificial workloads, while iReplay instead *records* the entirety of your actual real-world production workload, and then *replays* this workload at full scale against your test database – while maintaining all the sessions, timing, sequencing and concurrency of the original workload.  iReplay provides detailed metrics and analysis of the performance of the source vs. target db.  More info at

·         By subjecting the test database to the same real-world workloads of your current production database (and not some artificial load that cannot mimic the full complexity of a large-scale production environment), you significantly eliminate guesswork on how the test system will perform when moved to production.  Simulation-based testing tools cannot provide this level of predictability, and so the risk remains that – despite the testing you have done – performance and stability issues could arise when your database goes into production iReplay substantially reduces risks associated with upgrades and migrations by making these changes predictable and empirically measurable


2)      iWatch is a zero-overhead, query monitoring tool for high transaction environments.  iWatch provides 24x7 real-time monitoring of performance-sensitive systems where “you cannot have the speedometer slow down the car” … Most third-party tools (and DBMS vendor utilities) get query and performance information by polling the database system tables – which adds potentially dangerous overhead to the database; iWatch uses network packet inspection so it does not touch the database at all.  iWatch significantly improves DBA productivity by rapidly identifying performance problems (no more searching for the needle in the haystack; and eliminates finger pointing by helping determine whether the performance issue was caused by the application, network, or database; it also helps expose the source of disruptive ad-hoc queries and spot usage trends).  iWatch gives you “all the queries, all the time – with none of the overhead”; it provides ~60 metrics for each query.  Other features of iWatch include a lightweight data repository (to store query and performance data) and archival facility; indetifying unique SQL constructs and query performance baselines with intelligent self-adjusting capability; and the ability to tag and categorize queries so business owners can review performance from a unified business process/transaction perspective.  More info at


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